Customer and Colleague Testimonials

Tony’s background characteristics that set him apart are his blend of environmental health and statistical methods studies. He has more statistical methods knowledge than the majority of environmental health scientists and more environmental health knowledge than the majority of statisticians. In addition, Tony has good statistical computing capabilities and strong maturity, motivation, and work ethic. At Battelle when Tony became involved in a project or problem area he worked very hard and dug deeply to understand and formulate the objectives and issues, to apply appropriate statistical and environmental tools to meet the needs of the problems, and then to communicate the results orally and in writing. —  Paul Feder, Ph.D., Senior Statistician, Battelle

Tony possesses both a depth of knowledge (particularly in concepts of exposure) and breadth of understanding of many topics important to risk assessment (e.g., potentially sensitive or vulnerable populations). His range of scientific information and grasp of statistical concepts has allowed him to formulate solutions to complex exposure assessment problems. —  Glenn Rice, Sc.D., Environmental Health Scientist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

“Tony has a broad yet sophisticated math/stat background that allows him to tackle quantitative environmental risk assessment issues vigorously and skillfully. He works efficiently and does not personalize his research, instead readily adapting to new information and concepts.”
—  Richard Hertzberg, Ph.D., Mathematical Biostatistician, Associate Professor at Emory University

…I came to know Tony very well during the three years I was his team leader and found that he has a strong interest in and proclivity towards tackling quantitative environmental risk assessment problems. I have now known Tony for more than eight years. I continue to appreciate his quantitative abilities and also consider him a good friend and colleague. He is an enthusiastic, energetic and well-organized scientist. He writes well, is widely read and demonstrates excellent quantitative skills…Tony's publications on chemical mixtures have become important to EPA for use in developing drinking water regulatory guidelines. —  Linda K. Teuschler, M.S., Mathematical Statistician, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Tony and I worked together on a project at Portage for about 18 months. I observed Tony's work on a very tightly compressed schedule with vague and changing requirements. Tony's efforts to bring order to the work, helped bring the project to a satisfactory close. I was impressed with his ability to mange the client's requirements and the project team's results to the best balance in spite of the difficulty of the schedule and the resource constraints. I would want Tony as a risk assessor on my team, —  Miles Littlefield Quality Assurance Manager, Portage, Inc.