Our Team

Anthony Fristachi, Founder and President

Greetings, It’s my pleasure to introduce myself and my accomplishments in the fields human health and ecological risk assessment and environmental statistics. I studied at The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where I earned a M.S. in Environmental Health Science with a Certificate in Risk Sciences and Public Policy. I also hold a B.S. in Environmental Health Science with a minor in Statistics from The University of Georgia

With over 15 years experience conducting human health and ecological risk assessments and analyzing environmental data for public sector(tribal and state, federal) and private sector (gas & oil and transportation), my strong understanding of the relationships among the different facets of an environmental investigation allows me to quickly develop practical and efficient approaches to problem definition, sampling design and data analysis implemented through strong statistical computing skills in R and SAS.

I have supported dose-response modeling efforts for numerous chemicals, including chloroprene, n-butanol, t-butanol and cadmium, as identified by EPA in the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) program as well as being the principal investigator for US EPA probabilistic human exposure assessments to nitrosamines, organotins and cyanotoxins from consumption of drinking water. His publications on chemical mixtures have become important to the US EPA for use in developing drinking water regulatory guidelines.
I have also served as a technical leader for the development of a statistical methodology for calculating bootstrap confidence intervals based on a multistage cancer model using data from a pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model for trichloroethene.

I enjoyed gaining extensive experience in the application of survey statistics methods on numerous studies using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies (FNDDS) and the U.S. Census.

Fristachi Scientific Consulting has a vibrant and competent team of national and international environmental professionals, not only with a passion for creating effective and innovative solutions to environmental issues but also an excellent track record in successfully managing and keeping pace with increasingly complex technical and regulatory challenges.

We are a specialist environmental consulting firm, blending structured consulting skills found in large traditional consultancies with the detailed knowledge that only comes from having worked in the industry as a direct participant. We have extensive experience providing retainer-based support as an extension of a company’s in-house environmental service functions or project-based support towards clear, short-term deliverables with a well-defined scope.

We maintain a close working relationship with a network of specialist sub-consultants in order to provide additional specific technical skills to ensure the best solution is derived for each individual project. We are continuously evolving by incorporating new services, methods, technologies and contributions to scientific advances to address the challenges of the future.